I’m thrilled to share that our MSCMKRS® track, “They Ain’t Ready,” featuring the incredible collaboration with GOxJJ, is front and center in the trailer for EA Sport’s MLB Taps Sports 2023. It’s an honor to see our music set the tone for the virtual baseball experience that players are about to embark on. In MLB […]

Exciting news on the gaming front as our MSCMKRS® track, “Energy,” featuring the dynamic collaboration with Avila, takes the spotlight in the recent PlayStation x Call of Duty trailer for the Call of Duty Endowment Valkyrie Pack. It’s a nod to the high-octane energy and vibe of the track that accompanies the thrilling visuals of […]

Breaking news in the gaming and entertainment realm: our MSCMKRS® track, “They Ain’t Ready,” featuring the dynamic collaboration with GOxJJ, takes the spotlight in the collaborative trailer between Fortnite and Creed 3, marking an exhilarating convergence of the gaming and cinematic worlds. This union between the iconic game and the upcoming film promises an immersive […]

The insanely popular game Fortnite is known for its epic collaborations with major brands, celebrities, and franchises. So it created major buzz when Fortnite announced a new collaboration with basketball legend LeBron James. In the reveal trailer, which shows LeBron in action and hints at special in-game LeBron character skins and activities, the upbeat hip-hop […]

Fortnite continues raising the bar with groundbreaking collaborations, this time teaming up with athleticwear giant Nike for an in-game event titled Airphoria. The trailer announcing the crossover promotion features characters wearing Nike-inspired skins, partaking in basketball games and challenges across an interactive Nike-branded Fortnite island. Providing the perfect high energy soundtrack is

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