SyncFortnite x Nike campaign

Fortnite x Nike campaign

Fortnite continues raising the bar with groundbreaking collaborations, this time teaming up with athleticwear giant Nike for an in-game event titled Airphoria. The trailer announcing the crossover promotion features characters wearing Nike-inspired skins, partaking in basketball games and challenges across an interactive Nike-branded Fortnite island. Providing the perfect high energy soundtrack is the track “For The Win” by emerging rapper GOxJJ, produced by Jessie Chambers.

“For The Win” is an uptempo triumphant hip-hop anthem, matching the competitive flair on display in the trailer. Over Jessie Chambers’ production, GOxJJ delivers swaggering verses celebrating coming out on top. The message of being number one aligns seamlessly with a landmark partnership between two brands at the apex of their realms, Fortnite and Nike. Having his music soundtrack this historic mashup gives GOxJJ’s rising career a boost, introducing him to untold scores of gamers and sneakerheads. As the trailer draws viewers into the world of Airphoria through compelling visuals, “For The Win” sonically realizes that world through GOxJJ’s gritty yet slick vocals and Chambers’ cinematic production.


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