SyncCW x All American: Homecoming

CW x All American: Homecoming

The hit CW show All American: Homecoming follows a young tennis hopeful from Beverly Hills and an ambitious but struggling athlete from Chicago as they navigate life at a prestigious HBCU. The show’s soundtrack features up-and-coming artists and helps propel their music careers. In a recent episode, the track “We On Our Way” by MSCMKRS featuring GOxJJ and produced by Ian Moore was featured during a pivotal scene.

“We On Our Way” has an infectiously upbeat vibe with a message about chasing your dreams no matter who doubts you. As one of the show’s characters trains to get her tennis career back on track after losing her scholarship, the high energy track matches her determination. The tongue-in-cheek lyrics like “paid our dues, don’t be confused” capture the swagger of someone working towards success. GOxJJ delivers catchy wordplay over a flute-and-drum infused beat that gets your head nodding. The song’s prominent placement on a popular TV series like All American: Homecoming provides great exposure for these emerging talents. As the characters continue striving for their goals on the show, “We On Our Way” sums up that go-getter mentality through music.


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