SyncsZatima x BET+

Zatima x BET+

The popular BET+ series Zatima follows a successful sports agent balancing her career ambitions with raising six children on her own. In a poignant scene where the lead character reconnects with an old friend at her son’s football game, the uplifting instrumental track “Might Be” by producer Ian Moore plays in the background.

With its mellow horns and smooth percussion giving off Motown-inspired vibes, “Might Be” creates a sweet, sentimental mood. As the two characters reminisce on old times, the peaceful track resonates emotionally. The sync allows emerging talent Ian Moore to reach BET+’s growing platform of streaming viewers. And the warm, nostalgic feels of the instrumentation in “Might Be” make it an ideal sonic bed as Zatima delivers another affecting family-focused plotline. Uplifting cues like this one suggest a bright future for Ian Moore as he places future tracks across film and television projects.

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