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Sacrifice x BET+

The new BET+ thriller Sacrifice sees Oscar nominee Paula Patton play a highly-accomplished lawyer who unravels a web of lies involving a suspect in her husband’s murder. Tensions heighten early in the series as a pivotal flashback scene is set to the slick track “Prime” featuring vocalist Anthone Ray.

“Prime” sets an ominous mood from the jump with its minor key strings and pulsing beat. Anthone Ray’s confident delivery shines on provocative lyrics as the stage is set for this gripping show’s intrigues to unfold. This high-profile placement in a lurid BET+ original series showcases Ray’s versatility and star potential to a growing streaming subscriber base. The tense, taut “Prime” aligns perfectly with the show’s air of mystery, taking viewers down twists and turns as Patton’s character seeks justice and truth.

As Anthone Ray contributes his talents to hot streaming projects, expect his music to continue enhancing television narratives for years to come.

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