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When producer and songwriter Jessie J. Chambers founded MSCMKRS (pronounced “Music Makers”) in 2017, he assembled a crew of skillful songwriters, producers, composers, and artists with one goal in mind – taking their music global. By 2019, the team’s distinctive brand of genre-bending tunes garnered the interest of the reputable label and publisher BMG, who partnered with MSCMKRS to amplify their reach.

This deal proved fruitful, as MSCMKRS’ slick production and layered lyricism soon soundtracked promotions for some of the world’s biggest brands – lending tunes to giants like Epic Games, Netflix, Nike, Call of Duty, New Balance, Apple, EA Sports, Red Bull, PlayStation, Ralph Lauren, Blizzard Entertainment, and Hulu. The sync opportunities kept flowing, with MSCMKRS’ catalog underscoring hot television programs like Is She The Wolf, Jersey Shore, ESPN’s coverage of ABC Sports, Young Famous & African, Tyler Perry’s Sistas, MTV’s Cribs, Nineteen to Twenty, Jewish Matchmaking, and Flipping El Moussas.

Scripted shows also came calling, with MSCMKRS music powering scenes on The CW’s All American and Kung Fu, Netflix’s Attack of the Hollywood Cliches!, Nickelodeon’s Unfiltered comedy series, and many more. Over the years, the MSCMKRS creative engine never slowed – writing and producing for up-and-coming artists.

Now in 2023 and showing no signs of slowing down, MSCMKRS’ future looks brighter than ever. With sync success fueling their ambitions, the dynamic music agency aims to keep serving promising music makers, while becoming part of artists’ success stories. If the last five years are any indicator, expect the MSCMKRS name and signature sound to propel television, advertising, and the charts for years to come.

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