SyncLebron x Fortnite

Lebron x Fortnite

The insanely popular game Fortnite is known for its epic collaborations with major brands, celebrities, and franchises. So it created major buzz when Fortnite announced a new collaboration with basketball legend LeBron James. In the reveal trailer, which shows LeBron in action and hints at special in-game LeBron character skins and activities, the upbeat hip-hop track “Target” by MSCMKRS featuring Anthone Ray sets the tone.

The theme of determination and hitting one’s mark matches perfectly with showcasing global sports icon LeBron James integrated into the world of Fortnite. With its anthemic sound and confident flow, “Target” aligns with the grand scale of this collaboration between one of the biggest games in the world and one of the biggest names in basketball. Having this hot new track featured in a trailer seen by millions of gamers and hoops fans serves as a high-profile sync.


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