We’re thrilled to announce that the electrifying track “Grind Alert,” produced by the talented Hannes Liden, has secured a sync placement in Netflix’s hit series “Sintonia.” This dynamic show delves into the lives of three friends navigating their way through the complex and vibrant culture of São Paulo, Brazil, where music, crime, and religion intertwine. [&he

I’m pleased to share that our MSCMKRS® Library track, “I’m a Champion,” featuring the talented GOxJJ and produced by Quinten Coblentz, has been prominently featured on the ABC Network show “Claim to Fame.” “Claim to Fame” on ABC is a captivating series that delves into the journeys of individuals striving for recognition and success in […]

In a notable collaboration between music and television, our MSCMKRS® Library instrumental track, “Lucky Drill,” produced by Hannes Liden, has been featured on the Onyx Collective show “Drive with Swizz Beatz.” Swizz Beatz, hip-hop legend and avid car collector, travels to car-friendly locales where he explores the local car culture and unites two otherwise separate [&hell

Reflecting on the Spotify 2023 Stats for MSCMKRS® Library, I’m thrilled to share the incredible milestones we’ve reached. The numbers speak volumes—465.2k streams and 144.5k listeners have immersed themselves in the diverse musical tapestry we’ve curated. It’s heartening to see the collective engagement of our audience, with a staggering 18.4k hours spent appreciating th

I’m thrilled to share that our MSCMKRS® track, “They Ain’t Ready,” featuring the incredible collaboration with GOxJJ, is front and center in the trailer for EA Sport’s MLB Taps Sports 2023. It’s an honor to see our music set the tone for the virtual baseball experience that players are about to embark on. In MLB […]

Exciting news on the gaming front as our MSCMKRS® track, “Energy,” featuring the dynamic collaboration with Avila, takes the spotlight in the recent PlayStation x Call of Duty trailer for the Call of Duty Endowment Valkyrie Pack. It’s a nod to the high-octane energy and vibe of the track that accompanies the thrilling visuals of […]

Breaking news in the gaming and entertainment realm: our MSCMKRS® track, “They Ain’t Ready,” featuring the dynamic collaboration with GOxJJ, takes the spotlight in the collaborative trailer between Fortnite and Creed 3, marking an exhilarating convergence of the gaming and cinematic worlds. This union between the iconic game and the upcoming film promises an immersive […]

In a dynamic fusion of music and television, our MSCMKRS® track “Untouchable,” featuring Avila and produced by Jessie J. Chambers and Ayee IDK, has found its place on MTV Cribs. Observing the energetic vibes of our track seamlessly blending with the glamorous visuals of celebrity homes is truly invigorating. As a part of the production, […]

The new Netflix reality show “Is She The One” follows couples who endured difficult relationships as they search for healing. In a touching scene during Season 1, the introspective track “Golden” by singer BreeKay, produced by Jessie J. Chambers, sets the mood. “Golden” has a soulful vibe enhanced by BreeKay’s smooth R&B vocals and vulnerable […

The new BET+ thriller Sacrifice sees Oscar nominee Paula Patton play a highly-accomplished lawyer who unravels a web of lies involving a suspect in her husband’s murder. Tensions heighten early in the series as a pivotal flashback scene is set to the slick track “Prime” featuring vocalist Anthone Ray. “Prime” sets an ominous mood from […]

The popular BET+ series Zatima follows a successful sports agent balancing her career ambitions with raising six children on her own. In a poignant scene where the lead character reconnects with an old friend at her son’s football game, the uplifting instrumental track “Might Be” by producer Ian Moore plays in the background. With its […]

The new Netflix crime drama Blood Coast centers on a police detective pursuing a dangerous gang flooding the community with illegal drugs. In an ominous second episode scene, the dark ambient track “Submerge” by producer Quinten Coblentz creates rising tension as the show’s anti-hero cop surveys the city streets.

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