SyncsCribs x MTV

Cribs x MTV

In a dynamic fusion of music and television, our MSCMKRS® track “Untouchable,” featuring Avila and produced by Jessie J. Chambers and Ayee IDK, has found its place on MTV Cribs. Observing the energetic vibes of our track seamlessly blending with the glamorous visuals of celebrity homes is truly invigorating. As a part of the production, “Untouchable” adds an extra layer to the opulence of MTV Cribs, providing viewers with a unique blend of music and a glimpse into the lavish lifestyles of their favorite celebrities.

Seeing our contribution enhance the show’s atmosphere is a satisfying realization that the collaboration between Avila, Jessie Chambers, Ayee IDK, and MSCMKRS® brings an additional layer of excitement to MTV Cribs. The seamless integration of music and the grandeur of celebrity homes creates an immersive experience, making “Untouchable” an integral element in the vibrant tapestry of MTV Cribs’ storytelling.

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