SyncsCreed 3 x Fortnite

Creed 3 x Fortnite

Breaking news in the gaming and entertainment realm: our MSCMKRS® track, “They Ain’t Ready,” featuring the dynamic collaboration with GOxJJ, takes the spotlight in the collaborative trailer between Fortnite and Creed 3, marking an exhilarating convergence of the gaming and cinematic worlds. This union between the iconic game and the upcoming film promises an immersive experience, and “They Ain’t Ready” emerges as the high-energy anthem amplifying the excitement surrounding this unprecedented crossover event.

Fortnite, a cultural phenomenon in the gaming industry, continues to push boundaries with innovative collaborations. In this partnership with Creed 3, players can expect a cinematic and action-packed addition to the Fortnite universe. The choice of “They Ain’t Ready” for the trailer is a nod to the track’s high-energy vibes and complements the dynamic visuals of both the game and the Creed 3 film. It’s a remarkable moment to witness our track seamlessly integrate into such a high-profile crossover, bringing a fresh sonic dimension to the Fortnite experience and building anticipation for the upcoming Creed 3 release.

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