SyncsClaim to Fame x ABC

Claim to Fame x ABC

I’m pleased to share that our MSCMKRS® Library track, “I’m a Champion,” featuring the talented GOxJJ and produced by Quinten Coblentz, has been prominently featured on the ABC Network show “Claim to Fame.”

“Claim to Fame” on ABC is a captivating series that delves into the journeys of individuals striving for recognition and success in various fields. Our track, “I’m a Champion,” seamlessly integrates into the show’s narrative, adding depth and energy to the storytelling. The collaboration between GOxJJ, Quinten Coblentz, and MSCMKRS® showcases the power of music in elevating the visual and auditory elements of “Claim to Fame,” offering viewers an informative and engaging experience that resonates with the pursuit of achievement and recognition portrayed in the show.

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